Michael Masini – Recent Acting Career

Michael Masini – Recent Acting Career

Michael Masini’s career up until 2014 saw him taking on roles in drama, thriller and romance productions, and after a change of heart that originally led him away from comedies, his latter career has seen him take up the mantle of humor once again. Here’s a look at his latest roles to date, many of which have received critical acclaim.


This year saw Michael re-enter the acting scene with renewed enthusiasm – this time with a focus on television series over feature length movies. He enjoyed roles in productions such as Anger Management, the hit comedy series Modern Family, Hit the Floor, Franklin and Bash and Eagleheart.

With such an active year under his belt, Michael found that he had very little time to focus on anything else and the demand soon led him to decide that a slower pace would be better suited to his lifestyle.


In 2014, Michael appeared on Reckless as Wayne Hamilton; a role that he says he greatly enjoyed due to the atmospheric nature of the show.

The Mysteries of Laura

As Michael’s second and final project of 2014, The Mysteries of Laura reminded Michael how much he enjoyed comedy productions. Michael plays a fun loving bar owner who helped Debra Messing solve the crime in the episode and hopes to return for future episodes.


Michael’s most recent project Americons saw him at his most skilled – with years of experience under his belt and as much enthusiasm too. He took on the role as both a Lead Actor and the Lead Producer wearing many hats.  With the rest of 2015 ahead of him, Michael looks set to continue his upwards climb on the career ladder and this is something that his fans and followers anticipate eagerly.